Dogwood Ridge Soap Factory

Introducing Dogwood Ridge Soap Factory's 100% all-natural, premium quality artisan soap products, handcrafted from the raw milk of our purebred, prize-winning family of Toggenburg goats.

Your skin is your body's biggest organ. The health of your skin is directly tied to your overall health and maintaining your youthful appearance, yet modern soaps are often loaded with ingredients derived from harsh chemicals such as moisturizers, disinfectants, detergents, fillers, preservatives, fragrances, petroleum-based additives, etc… the list of potentially damaging factors goes on and on.

Add to this the environmental concerns, pollution and other man-made chemicals that bombard our skin during our daily routines and we begin to realize how important something as simple as choosing a 100% all-natural bar of soap truly is.

Shouldn't we do our best to keep our skin healthy and looking vibrant?

This is why we created the Dogwood Ridge Soap Factory.

Dogwood Ridge Soap Factory's quality soaps infuse completely natural ingredients to help clean and moisturize your skin without stressing it or damaging it.

Our mild and effective goat milk soap has many benefits, including:

  • Natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to help clear dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking younger and refreshed.

  • Natural moisturizing effects thanks to the fat molecules present in goat milk. This makes it a great solution for people with dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, allergies or other skin conditions.

  • Natural vitamins like A, E, C, B1, B6, B12 and other elements essential for healthy skin.

  • Natural proteins that kill acne-producing bacteria.

Dogwood Ridge Soap Factory products are 100% all-natural, right down to the many different fragrances, colorants and essential oils that we use. We source palm, coconut, olive and almond oils then combine those with lye to release the natural glycerin and moisturizers in our soap. Our rich colours come from natural sources such as madder root, nettle leaf, turmeric, cinnamon and more.

Choose Dogwood Ridge Soap Factory products, the simple way to look and feel your best.