"After trying several high quality natural soaps dogwood ridge takes top sud in my bathroom. It's the Goats milk and coconut that revitalizes with moisture in balance with my skin. It's key to me to stay simple with products that effect you and your environment. That's why I love the short pronouncable list of ingredients that excludes cutting agents and artificial additives." - Brendan

"I love the refreshing, cleansing qualities of Dogwood Ridge Farm soap. What I like best about this soap, it is made from goats milk, is 100% natural and contains no perservatives or chemicals. Dogwood Ridge Farm soap has amazing scents. My favorite is Coffee Mocha, but the Blue Lavander is cool. Its rich creamy lather cleanses quickly, throughly and leaves no residue. I even use it on my hair. Since using Dogwood Ridge soap my skin feels soft and refreshed. Best of all it is 100% free from animal testing. I recommend this soap for everyone." - Patti

"This is fabulous soap! The creamy texture and clean fragrance leaves your skin feeling smooth, and actually improves your skin with repeated use. I've noticed that I use less body lotion after my shower, because the milk emollients in this soap help to maintain the natural moisture balance. I love Dogwood Ridge Farms soap!" - Patti G.

"I am a very happy repeat customer of the Lamontagne's goat milk soap. I have extremely reactive skin and have found it very gentle & cleansing, while causing no adverse reaction. The consistency of their product is top notch. The care with which each bar is made and the attention to every detail is exemplary. I have given their soap to many of my family and friends as gifts over the last few years and it has always been very much appreciated and I have had requests for more! I would have no qualms recommending their soap to anyone wanting a high quality, handcrafted LOCAL product. Their soap is unique." - Jaki

"Within a week of using this soap, I noticed that it cleared up some folliculitis that had been driving me crazy. I ran out of the soap and picked up an emergency bar of a common house-hold name brand goat soap as a temporary subsitiute until I could get another bar of Dogwood's Cool Blue Peppermint, and my troubles with folliculitis returned. Soon after getting my goat soap from Dogwood, it went away again. On top of making me feel cleaner after a shower than commercial brands, the fact that it helped solve my folliculitis has given me a new confidence. And I love that it is an all-natural, toxin-free, chemical-free product to boot!" - Alex